Gomme Syrup, Lemon & Lime Juices Trio


Find the foundation ingredients you need for all your at-home cocktails

Gomme Syrup 500m- The must-have magic ingredient cocktail all lovers should know about.  Hard-to-find elsewhere, it's the sweetness that softens strong spirits, the silky syrup that balances citrus, and the secret little staple hidden behind all the best bars.

Available in a 500ml bottle so making cocktails at home is always a breeze.

350ml 100% Pure Lemon Juice- All the juicy flavour of 8 freshly squeezed home grown lemons.  This is a 100% pure citrus base for your all your Gin drinks, your Whiskey Sour, Sidecar, Southside Royale and more.   

350ml 100% Pure Lime Juice packed with the juiciness of 9 limes, lime juice is a key ingredient in countless cocktails - from the Caipirinha to Cosmo, Beachcomber to Bramble, Margarita to Mojito.  Long-lasting and 100% pure, avoid over-priced limes in summertime with a simple subscription delivering you just what you need, whatever the season.