Cocktail Boxes

Everything you Need for Margaritas, Martinis & More

We have all the ingredients you need to easily make your favourite cocktails at home. Each cocktail box is thoughtfully put together by our professional team here at Cocktail Collective and features premium NZ-made products, beautifully displayed in secure, bespoke packaging. Craving the classic Margarita? Paired with a step-by-step recipe guide, our Margarita Cocktail Box features delicious Tequila Reposado along with the classic flavours of Lime, Citrus, and Salt. If you enjoy something fruity, be sure to check out the Beachcomber Cocktail Box for refreshing flavours of White Rum, sweet Cherry, Citrus, and Lime. If mixing a Martini is for you, browse our range of Martini Cocktails. The Lemon Drop Martini is a classic cocktail kit that blends citrus and sweet flavours - made in 3 simple steps, so you can have delicious Martinis in a matter of minutes. For those looking for a coffee hit, our Espresso Martini Cocktail Box combines a smooth Cold Brew Coffee with hints of Vanilla, Espresso Liqueur and Vodka to create the ultimate coffe cocktail experience. The Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail Box is a popular choice amongst the men. This premium box features quality Bourbon, Bitters, Triple Sec, Gomme Syrup, and a Blood Orange garnish to create a beautifully balanced cocktail. And if Gin is your thing, don’t miss the Gimlet Cocktail Box and the French 75 Cocktail Box!

Make cocktails a regular thing with a Cocktail Collective Subscription

With a Cocktail Collective subscription, you can set a regular delivery schedule so that you always have what you need. Our cocktail boxes are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re relaxing at home on a Friday night or planning a get-together with friends. If you have any questions about our range of cocktail boxes, don’t hesitate to get in touch.