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A Bit About the Martinborough Cup + distillery history.

Country of Origin:NZ (Martinborough)
ABV: 29%

What to expect from Reid + Reid Martinborough Cup:

A refreshingly modern,kiwi take on an English classic, the Martinborough Cup by Reid + Reid is a delicious gin-based fruit cup styled on a traditional Pims.

Crafted with Reid + Reid’s Reverend Dawson’s gin, blended with a touch of both red and dry vermouth and infused with extra botanicals (orange zest, nutmeg, rose petal, manuka leaf, black tea and bay leaf), this beautifully hued mix is just a refreshing and new.  

Distilled in Martinborough at the Reid + Reid distillery it’s easy to see how this mixed tipple got its name. The history of a name has always been important to brothers Stewart and Chris Reid, founders of Reid + Reid and ‘spirits’ run strongly through the Reid family genes.

How so? Because the locally inspired gins crafted by Reid + Reid are in homage to their great, great grandfather - Reverend John Dawson - one of NZ’s most assiduous prohibitionists.

Originally from Britain, Reverend Dawson arrived in NZ around 1889 as a methodist missionary & a preacher but after retiring from the cloth he became a fervent anti-alcohol lobbyist campaigning in favour of total prohibition. The good reverend even represented New Zealand at international congresses on the “alcohol question”.

But Stewart and Chris have taken a different direction, instead pushing the boundaries and challenging the classic perception of gin by promoting kiwi flora and local botanicals.  

The result is a stable of unique gins and mixers enjoyed all year-round.