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A Bit About CarbonSix Dark Chocolate Gin

Country of Origin:New Zealand (Auckland)

ABV: 40%

What to expect from CarbonSix Dark Chocolate Gin:

Body: Juniper, Bitter Chocolate, Citrus

Nose: Juniper aroma with light citrus

Finish:Bittersweet finish

In recent years, a gin revolution has taken New Zealand by storm. Local distilleries have embraced the country’s rich natural resources and botanical diversity to create truly unique and award-winning gins. The artistry of distillation has become a defining characteristic of Kiwi gins, as distillers experiment and showcase small batch uniquely local flavours.

This indulgent dark chocolate gin from CarbonSix is no exception. Tucked away in Takapuna, Auckland, with a tasting room and shop, CarbonSix have produced a wonderfully wintery indulgent tipple with this delicious dark chocolate gin. Infused with the rich and decadent flavour of real dark chocolate this kiwi gin offers a smooth and velvety taste experience.

Pair with East Imperial Ginger Beer for an afternoon aperitif. Pair with Fever Tree’s slightly sweet Mediterranean Tonic with a side of milk chocolate and biscoff bark for  a delicious dessert substitute or enjoy with East Imperial Premium Tonic for a light late night sip. Take your pick.