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A Bit About Rogue Society Gin

Country of Origin:NZ (Otago)

ABV: 37%

Rogue Society Returns

Crafted by the skilled artisans at Scapegrace Distilling Co. nestled in the heart of Central Otago, Rogue Society Gin embodies a return to the brand's esteemed origins. Making its debut in 2014, Rogue Society Gin swiftly captured the attention of gin enthusiasts both locally and abroad, amassing a devoted following and earning a slew of international accolades. However, this remarkable ascent was stopped in track in 2018, encountering an international trademark with a similarly named American brewery.  Consequently, Rogue Society Gin left the market and evolved into the Scapegrace Dry Gin brand.

After a five-year hiatus,  Rogue Society Gin has made a bold return exclusively for New Zealand consumers. Emphasising versatility, approachability, and a steadfast commitment to local craftsmanship, this revival celebrates the essence of the cheeky Kiwi spirit. 

Offering a refined flavour profile, this signature gin showcases prominent juniper notes seamlessly.  It’s easy-drinking enjoyment and back on the market for good reason.

What to expect from Rogue Society Gin:

Flavour Profile: Featuring 6 botanicals - juniper, fresh coriander, citrus and floral angelica paired with creamy preserved grapefruit and Orris root for a soft finish.