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June 03, 2021 4 min read

Gorgeous Glassware

Schott Zwiesel Vodka Glasses Image
Schott Zwiesel Vodka Glasses


Shake or Stir?

Shaking Cocktails Image
Cocktail Collective’s Omaha Shaker

Decorative Ice Cubes

Ice cubes Image

Dress Your Drink

Clover Club Cocktails
Cocktail Collective’s Clover Club


Swizzle Sticks and Straws

Mocktails with Straws Image
Cocktail Collective’s Mockarita

So many to choose from… Sophisticated or simple, there’s a swizzle stick or straw out there for every drink. Get playful with mini pegs and chalkboards, keep it classic with a metal cocktail stick and cocktail onions in your martini glass, or opt for colourful (paper!) straws in a vintage stripe. Whatever you choose, these are easy additions to ‘zhoosh’ up your next round of drinks.