5 Easy Tips To Take Your At-Home Cocktails To The Next Level

June 03, 2021 4 min read

La Paloma cocktails

Gorgeous Glassware

Schott Zwiesel Vodka glasses filled with a delicious pink cocktail
Schott Zwiesel Vodka Glasses


Shake or Stir?

A woman shaking a cocktail using a cocktail shaker
Cocktail Collective’s Omaha Shaker

Decorative Ice Cubes

A handful of ice cubes

Dress Your Drink

Clover Club cocktail
Cocktail Collective’s Clover Club


Swizzle Sticks and Straws

A selection of gorgeous glassware and brilliant barware available on the Cocktail Collective store, to accompany your quality cocktail kits.

So many to choose from… Sophisticated or simple, there’s a swizzle stick or straw out there for every drink. Get playful with mini pegs and chalkboards, keep it classic with a metal cocktail stick and cocktail onions in your martini glass, or opt for colourful (paper!) straws in a vintage stripe. Whatever you choose, these are easy additions to ‘zhoosh’ up your next round of drinks.