10 Essentials To Have On Hand When Making Delicious Craft Cocktails

June 04, 2021 5 min read

Essentials to make cocktails

Here's a hit list of everything you'll need to easily build a delicious cocktail!


Information about the 10 essentials you need to make Craft Cocktails
A 500ml bottle of Cocktail Collective Vodka
Cocktail Collective’s 500ml Vodka
200ml Gomme Syrup | Cocktail Collective
Cocktail Collective’s  200ml
Grab a little bottle of Gomme Syrup to have on hand for when that cocktail occasion arises.
Two bottles of Cocktail Collective's Lemon Juice and Lime Juice with fresh fruit
Cocktail Collective’s Fresh Juice Duo

A bag of freeze-dried Blood Orange Cocktail Garnish from Cocktail Collective
Cocktail Collective’s Blood Orange Garnish (10 slices)

A 200ml bottle of Cocktail Collective Bitters
Cocktail Collective’s Bitters 200ml
Citrus Chili Salt


A 200ml bottle of Cocktail Collective Triple Sec
Cocktail Collective’s Triple Sec 200ml
Spirit measure
Cocktail Collective’s Spirit Measure
3-piece Omaha Shaker
Cocktail Collective’s Omaha Shaker
Ice cubes