5 Simple Hacks To Make Cocktails At Home Easy

March 14, 2022 3 min read

A cocktail being poured into a glass from a shaker

In the past few years we have noticed the trend of an easy, hassle-free night in quickly replacing an expensive night out.

By the time you have paid for Ubers, dinner, drinks & perhaps even a babysitter, the price of a night out is high enough to put anyone off! Entertaining at home is becoming more & more popular; whether it’s hosting a dinner party, having the neighbours over for a BBQ or enjoying a few casual drinks with friends. 

What better way to kick off a get-together than with cocktails? It’s a shame they’re so complicated though...or are they?! 

Cocktail Collective is all about making cocktails easy for you. We’ve done most of the thinking, so when it comes to organising cocktails, you have none of the stress, hassle or mess. 

Boubon Old Fashioned Cocktail Box & Ingredients

With a Cocktail Collective cocktail box you get all the alcoholic ingredients you need to make a minimum of 10 serves of your chosen cocktail, as well as delicious mixers & unique garnishes, to give your drinks that extra ‘wow’ factor.

With your cocktail ingredients sorted, the next thing people tend to worry about is the equipment needed to make them. People rarely want to spend heaps of money on fancy barware – we get that! That’s why we are giving you some simple barware hacks to replace the expensive equipment with some homeware items you’ll already have in the house


Measurement tools for spirits


You don’t have a jigger/spirit measure?

We’ve got your back on this one - every Cocktail Collective cocktail box includes your very own handy little jigger! 

If however, you may have misplaced this...you can use any normal measuring spoons or cups that you have at home (just be sure to keep your measurements in proportion to ensure your cocktails are still a perfectly balanced pour every time!)



Don’t have a cocktail shaker? 

Cocktail shakers

No problem! A cocktail shaker is one of the easiest things to replace at home. You can use almost anything that has a secure lid & is big enough to fit all your ingredients & some ice. 

Our top reccommendation? A mason jar - not only do they have a secure lid, but they look a little more impressive than a random container too! 



Cocktail strainer

Shaker sorted....but you don’t have a strainer?

 Most cocktails that have been shaken will need to be strained (to separate your drink from the used ice in the shaker).  This sounds more complicated than it is, we promise! If you have used a mason jar as your shaker, simply offset the lid & pour - this will act as a barrier for the ice. Alternatively, you can use a tea strainer or a sieve just as easily.



You’ve got an awesome recipe, but your ingredients need to be muddled?

A muddler is often used in certain cocktails to mash (muddle) fruits, herbs & spices in the bottom of a glass to release their flavours. You can use a few different household items to do this but we would recommend the end of a wooden spoon, or even the end of a rolling pin. 

When muddling your ingredients, make sure you don’t use too much force. The idea is to gently press the ingredients to release their flavours...not to disintegrate them completely! 


Looking for that something special to garnish your cocktails?

We know these days it’s all about creating those Insta-worthy pictures to fill your friends & followers with envy. Cocktails are already impressive, but why not add that little extra something to increase the ‘wow’ factor? 

Believe it or not you don’t have to pray the price of fresh limes will decrease, or spend hours curling lemon peel! Simply add some fresh herbs or even head into your garden and forage for some fresh flowers. Pop one in the top of your cocktail & voila - gorgeous cocktails that everyone will want to share!

Montage of cocktail flower garnishesMontage of cocktail lemon slice garnishesMontage of cocktail herb garnishes