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The Ultimate Negroni Cocktail Set


A well-curated kit so you can stir up the perfect Negroni


Mixology can be a tricky trade. It requires a steady hand a keen eye for quality. Let us take the reins so you get the taste and craftsmanship you deserve in every home cocktail. The Ultimate Negroni Cocktail Set is here to deliver a flawless drink every time.

Including all the accoutrements needed for you to feel like a veteran bartender (or to deliver the gift of that experience to someone else), with premium ingredients and quality you can taste, all made locally right here in New Zealand.

So sip back and relax with a perfectly premixed NZ-made Negroni (750mls), deliciously decadent CC Blood Red Orange Cocktail Garnish, The Modern Muddler and a set of 2 beautifully weighted, diamond-cut Tritan Crystal tumblers from master glass-makers Schott Zwiesel. 

Delivered to the door, perfectly packaged and presented.