The Old Fashioned Essentials Kit


Add your spirit & savour an Old Fashioned, anytime

With The Old Fashioned Essentials Kit you'll never again have the hassle of shopping for those-hard-to-find cocktail ingredients. Simply match with your favourite spirit to  muddle, mix and enjoy. 

Whether it’s the occasional cocktail or a cocktail occasion, the convenience of having all those specialty ingredients on hand with this handy cocktail kit is a must for true Old Fashioned lovers. 

Bourbon not included. 

Note: This kit does not contain a recipe card, but you can browse our Recipes section on the website to find an easy Old Fashioned recipe, plus a number of recieps for other delicious cocktails to try using these ingredients.

Find an easy Old Fashioned cocktail recipe here

200ml Gomme Syrup- that magic ingredient adding sweetness,

balancing citrus and softening spirits, while adding a silkiness to your mixed drinks.

200ml Triple Sec Liqueur - delivers a hit of orange citrus to amplify flavours and add depth to your drink. ABV 21%

200ml Bitters- a herbal blend to add a dash of complexity and balanced bitterness. ABV 40%

Blood Orange Garnish - an deliciously sumptuous all-season garnish.  Intensely flavoured, freeze-dried blood orange slices make a delicious all-seasons garnish for your favourite cocktails.