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The Espresso Martini Essentials Kit


Simply add your coffee & your favourite spirit


A cocktail kit with those hard-to-find essentials you need to craft your own Espresso Martini. Simple add your coffee, your favourite spirit and voila!

Note: This kit does not contain a recipe card, but you can browse our Recipes section on the website to find an easy Espresso Martini recipe, plus a number of recieps for other delicious cocktails to try using these ingredients.

500ml Gomme Syrup THE magic ingredient every cocktail lover should know about.  Hard-to-find elsewhere, it's the sweetness that softens strong spirits, the silky syrup that balances citrus, and the secret little staple hidden behind all the best bars.

Available in a 500ml bottle so making cocktails at home is always a breeze.

200ml Espresso Liqueur - a key ingredient in Espresso Martinis, Black Russians and more, it’s the flavourful lift your favourite coffee cocktails need to go from basic to brilliant.

200ml Vanilla Liqueur - an aromatic liqueur to add crisp vanilla flavours to your clear spirits and amplify the vanilla-caramel notes in aged dark spirits. Blends beautifully with coffee and will do wonders for your Espresso Martini.

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