Zoku Luxe Ice Moulds - Set of 2



Elevate your cocktail ice with Zoku Luxe Ice Moulds.

Effortlessly craft two distinct shapes at once – because who said ice should be ordinary? Using these moulds is as easy as turning the page of a good book. Just invert, give it a friendly tap, and voilà – out come the perfect, large luxe cocktail ice cubes.

Whether you're cooling down an individual drink or satisfying a thirst for the whole gang, these Luxe Ice Moulds are your versatile companions. The stackable, upscale ice ball moulds are the epitome of icy elegance, because everyone deserves a taste of the luxe life, even in their drinks. Cheers to chilling with class!

  • Yield - 2 luxe ice cubes per mould
  • Sturdy and stackable for the freezer
  • Mould 14.5cm x 7.40cm x 7.50cm
  • Each ice mould 88ml
  • Materials: Silicone, Polypropylene. BPA and phthalate free
  • Easy hand rinse