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Apricot Liqueur & Gomme Syrup


Exclusive DEAL

Grab this exceptionally priced, exclusive CC Deal and get your bar cart, spirits cabinet or kitchen cocktail cupboard ready for Autumnal cocktails. 

Be in quick.  Limited stock available.

200ml Apricot Liqueur- All the flavour of fresh Apricots, bottled into a beautifully bright  200ml bottle of Apricot Liqueur. With the perfect hint of natural sweetness, makes this a handy addition to your bar cart or drinks cabinet, and to have on hand those spontaneous cocktail moments.

500ml Gomme Syrup - every bartender's secret ingredient and a must-have to make quality cocktails home. Hard-to-find anywhere else, this silky syrup is the sweetness that softens strong spirits and balances out citrus.

With this long-lasting combo, making simply delicious cocktails will always be a breeze.