Lemon & Lime Juice Duo


A duo of 100% pure Hawkes Bay Lime and Lemon Juice

Zesty, tart and packed with all the juiciness you need for full-flavoured cocktails all year round. No additives.  No preservatives. 

350ml 100% Pure Lemon Juice -  All the juicy flavour of at least 8 lemons, this cocktail essential is a must-have base for your Gin cocktails, your Whiskey Sour, Sidecar and more.

350ml 100% Pure Lime Juice - Packed with the juiciness of at least 9 limes, this is the citrus essential found in countless cocktails - from the Caipirinha to Cosmo, Beachcomber to Bramble, Margarita, Mai Tai, Mojito and more. Avoid overpriced limes in the summertime with 100% Pure long-lasting Lime Juice that's never out of season.