3 Must-Have Cocktails For Your Next Camping Trip

When we think about going camping, cocktails don't tend to be the first thing to spring to mind.

But as we come into winter, indulging in a glamping experience rather than traditional camping is incredibly appealing.

So, while we're looking at creating a more indulgent camping experience, why not make camping cocktails a thing?

Old Fashioneds by the fire anyone?

Cocktail Collective cocktail boxes contain everything you need to make delicious ready-to-mix bar-quality cocktails, from the best quality spirits, 100% pure NZ Hawkes Bay juices, down to spirit measure and easy-to-use recipe cards.

Perfectly balanced portions mean no annoying half-bottles of random ingredients leftover that you need to carry home. All you need to add is ice. That's where camping must-have the chilly bin comes into its own.

So, what are our top cocktail picks for your next camping trip?

Moscow Mule

For outdoor activities, you can't go past a cocktail that is traditionally served in a copper mug. Conveniently camping-friendly and easy to prepare, the perfect balance of spice and citrus makes the Moscow Mule a great option for your next camping adventure.


You're out in nature. You need refreshment. Nothing says good times like a Margarita. The classic combination of citrus, sweetness and tequila with a touch of salt has a crispness like nothing else.

Bourbon Old Fashioned

As it gets cold outside when you're out in the elements, a Bourbon Old Fashioned is a delicious evening option for sitting by the campfire and slowly indulging sip by sip. With a flavour hit of bourbon, bitters and orange it makes for a perfect option for warming up from the inside.

Now, of course, this is just a beginning. Your camping cocktail options can get as creative as your imagination. Cocktail Collective's subscription boxes make it easier than ever to take DIY cocktails on all sorts of adventures.

Take a box or two on your next trip and you'll wonder why you never thought of camping cocktails before.