Lime Wheel Cocktail Garnish




Contents:  20 freeze-dried lime wheels per pouch
Ingredients:  100% natural limes
Storage:  Store in a cool, dry place
Shelf Life:  Up to 12 months unopened

Unlock the full potential of your cocktail cabinet when you have handy staples on hand.

Dress your drink to impress with these intensely aromatic, freeze-dried lime wheels. Bursting with flavour, these lime wheels have long-lasting shelf life locked-in to add a burst of zesty freshness to your favourite cocktails.  For deliciousness that lingers long after the last sip, this handy resealable pack of sumptious freeze-dried lime wheels is your easy go-to cocktail garnish all year round. 

What makes freeze-dried garnishes different from dehydrated fruit?

Flavour locked-in: Freeze-dried lime wheels undergo an intense preservation process that locks in the natural flavours, vibrant colour and aroma of your fruit. The result is a cocktail garnish that retains all the tangy goodness of fresh fruit, but with an extended shelf life that far surpasses any other fruit garnish.

Vibrant & Colourful: When it comes to dried fruit, appearances matter. Freeze-dried garnishes retain their vibrant colour while dehydrated fruit, which only partially removes hydration, discolours and browns quickly after exposure to air or water. 

Long Lasting: One of the advantages of freeze-dried fruit is it’s longevity. Unlike fresh fruit garnishes that quickly deteriorate, these little wonders stay pristine for months, ensuring you always have a flavourful adornment for your home-made cocktails. Whether you're a professional mixologist or an at-home host, make freeze-dried lime wheels your easy, go-to garnish all year round.