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The Espresso Martini Gift Pack


Designed to impress even the most difficult-to-buy-for.


The Espresso Martini Gift Pack has everything the coffee lover, cocktail enthusiast and foodie needs.

Nestled securely into a bespoke presentation box, is the sleek 3-piece Omaha Shaker accompanied by a generously portioned premium mix of Espresso Martini, blending New Zealand crafted spirits, liqueurs and locally produced Cold Brew Coffee.  

Offering 6-plus sumptuous serves in every 750ml bottle, this bespoke blend delivers deliciousness along with that luscious crema crown - the hallmark of any expertly mixed Espresso Martini - every time.

for the ultimate in cocktail kit convenience and to impress with ease, The Espresso Martini Gift Pack is everything needed to simply sit back, sip and enjoy.