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Espresso Martini Solo (750ml)


Simply shake, pour and enjoy this premium premix

A modern cocktail classic, this ready-made bottle of Espresso Martini is NZ's premium blend of espresso heaven. 

Perfect for pre-party scene-setting or after-dinner indulgence, simply shake, pour and enjoy your Espresso Martinis without any of the hassle, mess or stress that comes with searching through shops for all the ingredients you need to mix up your own. 

We've prepped, so you can pour.

What's the blend?

NZ-made Bold Blend Coffee, Triple Distilled Vodka and Espresso Liqueur infused with a hint of vanilla for bitter sweet deliciousness that guarantees a perfect pour and a rich creama crown every time.  Simply shake, pour, sit back and enjoy.

6+ serves per 750ml

19% ABV