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The Cocktail Starter Kit


Grab Yourself A Cocktail Barware Starter Kit.
Get home sorted with a barware kit that gives all the basics you need to make deliciously simple cocktails you'll be bursting to share. 

Packed with value & savings you'll be set to impress with ease, making cocktails at home a breeze. 

Gomme Syrup - 500ml Bottle

The silky smooth base ingredient most cocktails are built on & a must-have for mixing drinks at home. Cocktails will be deliciously balanced with this secret little staple in the house.

3-Piece Stainless Steel Shaker - 750ml

Shaking up sensational cocktails will be a breeze with this all-in-one shaker.  A built-in strainer means you don't need any additional equipment & mixing up multiple serves is all made easy.

Double-Side Spirit Measure

For delicious cocktails, the right proportions are everything & with this handy, re-usable spirit measure you'll get the perfect pour every time!