What to expect from Reid + Reid Reverend Dawson Gin:

Country of Origin:NZ (Martinborough)


What to expect from Reid + Reid Reverend Dawson Gin:

Body:Clear & clean. Piney juniper with zesty citrus characters. Fresh & bright on the palate.

Nose: Piney juniper with zesty citrus characters

Finish:A textural & aromatic finish

Premium Tonic Pairing: We’ve paired this with a Yuzu Tonic from East Imperial, which is citrus tonic to balance the juniper forwardness of the Gin.h.

A Bit About Reverend Dawson Gin + distillery history.

As you might guess from its name, Reid + Reid Distillery is a family affair. Founded by brothers Stewart & Chris Reid in 2015, and nestled in Martinborough, you could say ‘spirits’ run strongly through the Reid family genes.

How so? Because this delicious gin-drop was crafted in homage to their great, great grandfather - Reverend John Dawson - one of NZ’s most assiduous prohibitionists!  Originally from Britain, Dawson arrived in NZ around 1889 as a methodist missionary & a preacher but after retiring from the cloth he became a fervent lobbyist campaigning in favour of total prohibition. He even represented New Zealand at international congresses on the “alcohol question”.

Reverend Dawson Gin is in the classic dry style, having been distilled in a traditional copper pot still using the ‘one shot’* method to produce a dry gin firmly focusing on juniper & citrus flavours. The brother’s set up Reid + Reid to challenge the perception of a “classic” gin & to promote New Zealand’s unique natural flora in a classic gin format. We think they’ve done this admirably but you be the judge.

*The ‘one shot’ method involves adding botanicals into a pot with a base spirit, allowing the mix to macerate then running the still to collect the botanical distillate. This is then proofed with water to achieve the desired strength before being bottled.

Complimentary Spirit Measure included in your first Gin Kit delivery:

If this is your first Gin Kit delivery from us, you’ll find a handy spirit measure in your box.  This will be handy when you’re making mixed drinks and the simple cocktails included in each Gin Kit you receive.