A bit more about Weekender Orange Gin...

Innovative and fun, the Weekender Orange Gin is part of a relatively new Weekender range of flavoured Gins out of the Blush Gin Distillery based in Albany, Auckland. 

Inspired by juicy naval oranges and summer fruits, founders Chris & Eliot set out to create an everyday orange Gin that delivers summer citrus flavours and easy enjoyment without any snobbery. Making quality spirits you can have a little fun with, was the aim.

The result is a surprisingly versatile flavoured Gin that's smooth enough to be enjoyed on the rocks but with enough alcohol to deliver a real drink when mixed with your favourite tonic and a flavour that also lends itself well to simple citrus-styled cocktails. 

With very bottle crafted by hand, from the flavouring and distilling through to the bottling and labelling, making Gin is clearly something Chris & Eliot are serious about, but they're not above having a little fun. As they say - be social, drink local and it will always taste good!

Body: Lightly-hued citrus gin shining with summer fruitiness and a touch of spice.

Nose: Orange citrus notes.

Finish: Lingering zesty finish.