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A Bit About Malfy Gin Con Arancia

Country of Origin:Italy
ABV: 41%

What to expect from Malfy Gin Con Arancia:

Colour:Deep Ruby red

Aroma:Orange blossom with a background of Juniper  

Flavour:Rich bittersweet Citrus with a long, deliciously complex finish,

Premium Tonic Pairing: Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic Water


Crafted in the heart of Moncalieri, Italy, the Malfy Gin collection is a testament to the celebration of exquisite citrus flavours, with the Con Arancia proudly featuring the essence of Sicilian blood oranges.

If you’re craving that fantastic feeling of sunshine then this is the taste for you. Italian oranges combined with a selection of ripe Sicilian blood oranges are blended with the finest botanicals and handpicked juniper bringing juicy, sweet, refreshing notes to the table.

Malfy Con Arancia’s key botanical additions are Blood Orange peels sourced from Sicily. Blood Oranges are a prized variety in Sicily – and harvested in November – their rich red colour develops from the cool Mediterranean nights.  The Blood Orange peels are steeped in alcohol and pressed in a basket press. The infusion is then blended with juniper and other botanicals before being distilled in a stainless steel vacuum still.