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A Bit About CarbonSix Butterfly Pea Gin Gin + distillery history:

Country of Origin:New Zealand (Auckland)

ABV: 40%

What to expect from CarbonSix Butterfly Pea Gin:

Body: Juniper, Citrus, Floral

Nose: Juniper aroma with floral and citrus notes

Finish:Long liquorice finish

Premium Tonic Pairing: Alchemy & Tonic Smashed Rhubarb and Mandarin Tonic Water

In recent years, a gin revolution has taken New Zealand by storm. Local distilleries have embraced the country’s rich natural resources and botanical diversity to create truly unique and award-winning gins. The use of native ingredients that celebrate the nation’s flora and showcase the artistry of distillation have become a defining characteristic of Kiwi gins, showcasing the spirit’s adaptability and affinity with the local environment.

This stunning blue butterfly pea flower gin from CarbonSix is no exception. Tucked away in Takapuna, Auckland, with a tasting room and shop, CarbonSix has crafted a unique and exciting twist on a classic dry gin with its Butterfly Pea Gin, this is a punchy creation infused with locally grown butterfly pea flowers that give it a vibrant blue colour and magical colour-changing qualities.  

Distilled in the traditional pot still method to create a smooth and rich gin base, then infused with the perfect balance of butterfly pea flowers to create a unique and delightful taste experience, you’ll discover the herby and floral notes of the butterfly pea flowers complement the classic gin botanicals carefully blended into this gin. So whether you’re a gin lover looking for an exciting new taste experience or an entertainer keen to serve up a rare delight, sit back, sip and enjoy a colour-changing Gin that has the power to surprise as well as delight.