It's 5'oclock Somewhere

Why is it we always use 5pm as an excuse to have a drink?

Like it's not acceptable any earlier in the day?

It's time to bust this myth.

From afternoon to late night, there's a cocktail or three to suit.

Next time it's only 2pm and you feel like a delicious cocktail treat, let go of the guilt and use this quick go-to guide to get you started.

Afternoon Delight

It's only the afternoon. A light and refreshing cocktail is a delightful and wise place to start.

For a delicious balance of citrus and sweet, you can't go past a Daiquiri. Refreshingly simple, there's a reason it's a classic.

If something a little sweeter is more your style, try our Beachcomber. A tall, tropical, beach-inspired cocktail with a sweet combination of white rum, triple sec and cherry liqueur.


Some cheeky pre-dinner bubbles have a way of making a meal feel like an occasion.

For a fun and delicious twist on your stock standard glass of bubbly, a French 75 is where it's at.

Not only do you get bubbles, but you also get a twist of lemon and a sneaky hint of gin, all with a cherry to finish it off. Cocktail perfection.

Not in the mood for bubbles? A Lemon Twist Martini is an ideal light palate-cleansing pre-dinner aperitif.

Alongside Dinner

Of course, when matching cocktails with food, what you choose to drink varies with what you are eating. A Moscow Mule, however, is a fairly safe bet. The balance of clean vodka, fresh citrus and a touch of spice makes it a classic and refreshing all-rounder.


Classically after a meal, we seek a digestif, or something a little more bitter or intense.

This one depends a lot on your palate. For a bittersweet treat, you can't beat an Espresso Martini. The Cocktail Collection's addition of vanilla liqueur makes it a little more special than your average Espresso Martini.

On the other end of the spectrum, a Bourbon Old Fashioned offers more of a strong boozy and citrus-based bitter buzz.

If reading this has inspired you to get tasting, the Cocktail Collective is your number one choice for bar-quality cocktails without the bar prices.

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