Weekender Orange Gin 700ml

Fruity, Fun & Gin-Dropping Value

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ABV: 41.0%
Country: New Zealand


Sunset in a bottle that you’ll be pleased you discovered. 

A zesty orange infused Gin, the Weekender Orange is bold and big on summer citrus flavours balanced with a bit of spice.

Sit and sip while you watch the sunset, you won’t be disappointed with the original flavours on offer in this NZ-made Gin.


Another innovative and fun New Zealand Gin, the Weekender Orange is part of a new Weekender Gin range out of the Blush Gin Distillery based in Albany, Auckland. 

Triple distilled and crafted by hand, from the flavouring through to bottling and labelling, every detail in the production of this small batch Gin has been carefully considered.

Find a new favourite that’s just sweet enough to be beautiful and smooth enough to be enjoyed on the rocks as well as with your favourite tonic.

Body: Lightly-hued citrus gin shining with summer fruitiness and a touch of spice.

Nose: Orange citrus notes.

Finish: Lingering zesty finish.