The Wild Berri Vodkarita Essentials Kit

Just add Absolut Wild Berri

With This essentials kit you'll have everything you need so that delicious fruity cocktails at home are always a breeze.

Never again have the hassle of shopping tricky cocktail ingredients.  Simply pair with your Wild Berri Vodka or any spirit of choice then shake, mix, pour and enjoy.  

Whether it’s the occasional cocktail or a cocktail occasion, enjoy the convenience of having everything you need already on hand.

Note: This kit does not contain a recipe card, but you can browse our 'Recipes' section on the website to find an easy & delicious Absolut Wild Berri recipe, plus a number of recipes for other delicious cocktails to try using these ingredients.

Find The Wild Berri Vodkarita Recipe Here

200ml Gomme Syrup - that magic, hard-to-find ingredient that adds sweetness, softens strong spirits and balances citrus. It's the secret little staple hidden behind all the best bars and in all the best cocktails.  

200ml Triple Sec Liqueur - perfectly portioned in a small batched bottle to amplify flavour and depth. 21% ABV

350ml 100% Pure Lime Juice - packed with all the juiciness of at least 9 limes  there’s no substitute for 100% pure, home-grown Hawke's Bay lime juice for outstanding flavour.

Lime Wheel Garnish - intensely aromatic, freeze-dried lime wheels is the go-to cocktail garnish, whatever the season.