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Schott Zwiesel Cocktail Coupes

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$99.00 NZD

Allegedly inspired by Marie Antoinette, this classic glass has been a feature of high society soirees since the 17th Century. Beautifully stemmed and synonymous with timeless elegance, these gorgeous coupes offer exceptional design and the highest quality crystal glass.

A truly elegant cocktail gift set when paired with the:
MARGARITA cocktail box
• Sold as a set of 6
• 280ml each
• Height 152mm
• Diameter 106mm

Ideal for the Cocktail Collective Margarita

Surprisingly, the definitive origins of the classic coupe glass are shrouded in mystery.  One prevailing myth suggests its shape was inspired by the left breast of Marie Antoinette.

What is widely accepted is that the coupe is a classic glass that has always conveyed effortless glamour. No more so than in the 1930s and the height of American prohibition – which witnessed the height of the cocktail coupe’s popularity.

Featured in bars, hotels and restaurants all over the world, Schott Zweisel have coupled exceptional design and the highest quality crystal glass to keep this classic coupe on trend and the perfect choice for cocktails at your place.