Scapegrace Premium Dry Gin 700ml

A Smooth Classic Dry Gin

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ABV: 42.2%
Country: New Zealand

This multi-award winning New Zealand Premium Dry Gin from Scapegrace, ticks all the boxes.

Smooth, dry and distinctively packaged in a medallioned black bottle, this Scapegrace Premium Dry Gin is the Gin you can confidently choose as a staple for your drinks cupboard or cocktail cabinet.

Blending a wild mix of 12 botanicals with water from the Southern Alps, this silky, clean Gin is elegantly and expertly crafted for the modern consumer.  

SIGNATURE SERVE - mix East Imperial Burma Tonic Water, garnished with a slice of blood orange.

🥇 Gold San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition 2020
🥇🥇 Double Gold San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition 2014
🥇 Gold 2019 Competition
🥇 Gold 2018 Gin Master Competition


The magic of Scapegrace Premium Dry Gin is in the blending of 12 citrus and spice botanicals: Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Coriander Seeds, Cardamom Pods, Juniper Berries, Cloves, Nutmeg, Angelica Root, Licorice Root, Orris Root, Cassia Bark and Dry Tangerine.

The botanicals are macerated, distilled and then elevated with glacial waters sourced from the Southern Alps and released into the one of the world’s last aquifers. The result is a stunning, silky smooth dry gin.

Body: Satisfying smoothness from a balanced blend of botanicals, including black pepper which is expertly kept in check, allowing spice and citrus to shine through.

Nose: A fun, citrusy nose shrouded in hints of juniper.

Finish:  Initially soft on the palate, but radiates with warmth towards the finish.