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Moscow Mule Autumn Cocktail Set

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A Summer cocktail set featuring a Moscow Mule cocktail box, 4 traditional Copper Moscow Mule Mugs and 3-piece Omaha Shaker. This Vodka based classic is a refreshingly tangy cocktail box and an impressive gift set. Great for the guy who has everything. Easy to mix and then serve in traditional Copper Mugs to keep your cocktails chilled, making this gift set perfect for the summer holidays

Shelf stable - enabling you to gift or store confidently .

Beautiful packaged - ingredients arranged in a bespoke re-usable, recyclable Kraft presentation box.

Nationwide delivery - secure and safe
The 10-SERVE Moscow Mule Summer Set Contains:
• 1 x 500ml CC Vodka
• 1 x 200ml CC Gomme Syrup
• 1 x 350ml CC Pure Lime Juice
• 5 x 150ml East Imperial Ginger Beer
• Lime Wheels for Garnishing
• Paper Straws
• A Dual-Sided Spirit Measure
• An Easy-To-Follow Recipe Card
• Set of 4 Copper Moscow Mule Mugs
• A 3-piece OMAHA SHAKER with built-in strainer

* Based on a 150ml serve.   1 serve = 1.4 standard drinks

Click here for Moscow Mule Autumn Cocktail Set recipe and instructions

A  gift set that includes everything needed for the perfect Autumn get together or drinks.  Featuring a Moscow Mule cocktail box with Vodka, Lime and Ginger Beer flavours, barware paper straws and an easy-to-follow recipe card, a set of four traditional copper Mule Mugs and a 3-piece Omaha Shaker, this cocktail making gift set is a great gift kit for the at-home cocktail enthusiast or the guy who has everything.
You Will Need
  • Ice - one x 3 litre bags ideal


How to measure

Using the spirit measure provided
1 part = small cup on spirit measure
2 parts = large cup on spirit measure


A good cocktail is something to be shared.  Follow the steps below to make TWO serves:


1) CHILL – chill your mugs

2) COMBINE – into your cocktail shaker combine:

            - Ice – ¾ full

            - 6 parts Vodka

            - 4 parts Lime Juice

            - 2 parts Gomme Syrup

3) SHAKE – Fit the lid securely and shake firmly for 10-20 seconds

4) POUR – Fill your chilled mugs with fresh ice and using a strainer, pour evenly into each.  Top each glass with half a bottle of East Imperial Ginger Beer

5) GARNISH – Pop 1-2 Lime Wheels into your glass.