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Mojito + Muddler Set

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$124.00 NZD

$12.40 NZD per drink

An enduring combination of White Rum, mint, lime and sugar, the Mojito is synonymous with sunny days and balmy nights.

And we're popping a Crafty Muddler into your cocktail box so you have everything you need to mix this refreshing summer classic.

For the perfect summer cocktail gift set, match with:
HIGHBALL GLASSES from Schott Zwiesel
The Mojito Cocktail Box contains:
• 1 x 500ml CC White Rum
• 1 x 200ml CC Gomme Syrup
• 5 x 150ml East Imperial Soda Water
• Fresh Mint • A Spirit Measure
• A Recipe Card
• A Crafty Muddler
* Based on a 150ml serve.   1 serve = 1.4 standard drinks

Click here for Mojito + Muddler Set recipe and instructions

Nothing says summer like the classic Mojito and with a Crafty Muddler in your cocktail box, summer is set!  Enjoy this simple but delicious combination of rum, muddled lime and sugar, coupled with fresh green mint and crisp soda, with friends and conjure up Cuban nights and sunny days.  A favoured drink of literary giant Ernest Hemingway, the Mojito is an iconic cocktail that continues to be one of the world's most beloved blended drinks.
You Will Need
  • Glasses – Highball or tall glasses
  • A knife, chopping board
  • A tall spoon
  • Plenty of ice (two x 3 litre bags ideal)


How to measure

Using the spirit measure provided
1 part = small cup on spirit measure
2 parts = large cup on spirit measure


A good cocktail is something to be savoured.  Follow the steps below to make ONE serve:


1) PREP – Chop up a lime into quarters and then chop each quarter into chunks. Pop a 3-4 chunks into your glass. Next add 5-6 mint leaves

2) MUDDLE – Using a muddler or wooden spoon, repeatedly press ingredients together in the bottom of your glass to release flavours

3) MEASURE – Fill your glass with ice and add:

            - 3 parts White Rum

            - 1 part Gomme Syrup

4) STIR – Using a tall spoon, stir to move the mint and lime through the glass. Top up with half a bottle of East Imperial Soda Water

5) GARNISH – Pop the two remaining pieces of lime and a sprig of mint into the top of the glass for fresh pop of colour