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Hayman's Exotic Citrus Gin 700mls

Tangy, Zesty & Refreshing

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ABV: 41.1%
Country: United Kingdom

As London’s first Gin distilling family to include citrus as a key botanical, more than 150 years ago, Hayman’s distillers know a thing or two about crafting exquisite Gins.

Hayman’s Exotic Citrus Gin is no exception. With the exotic citrus fruits of kumquat, pomelo, Persian lime and mandarin, this gin is bright and breezy creating a deliciously smooth citrus serve judged the World's Best Signature Botanical Gin in 2022 along with a long-list of other world class accolades. 

Discover a flavour-packed Citrus Gin of unparalleled quality.

SIGNATURE SERVE - Nice served simply over ice or paired with East Imperial Yuzu tonic to amplify exotic citrus flavours.

🥇 World Gin Awards 2022 - Best Signature Botanical
🥇 World Gin Awards 2022 - Best English Signature Botanical
🥇 The Spirits Business 2021 - The Gin Masters


Hayman’s is a family of gin distillers spanning 5 generations.  It all started in the 1960s with James Borrough - great-great grandfather to the current crop of Hayman distillers - a pharmacist who established Beefeater Gin and who crafted the original recipe for what has become today’s London Dry Gin. 

The 2nd generation of ownership expanded the company globally but tough economic times caused a family split and the 3rd generation of the family sold the business to outside interests. However by 4th generation - the Hayman branch of the family - were able to re-acquire the gin-making part of the business in 1988.  Now under management by the 5th generation of the distillers, the Hayman’s make their award-winning English Gin using the same 150 year old recipe and distilling traditions that started it all.

Palate - Tangy and zesty with bright juniper and hints of spice, rounded with a delicate sweetness.

Finish - Refreshing and elegant with a smooth finish.