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Gomme Syrup & 2 x Lemon Juice


The staple ingredients you need for easy at home cocktails

Get more out of the spirits you have at home when you have those handy cocktail essentials on hand.

1 x 500ml Gomme Syrup - the secret ingredient behind every cocktail bar, Gomme Syrup is the sweetener that softens strong spirits, the silky syrup to balance citrus and the secret staple used by all the best bartenders. 

Hard-to-find elsewhere it's available in a 500ml bottle so cocktail making at home is always a breeze.

2 x 350ml Lemon Juice - bursting with the flavour of at least 8 home grown lemons in every bottle, Pure Lemon Juice is the citrus foundation found in everything from the Lemon Drop Martini to the Tom Collins, the Whiskey Sour and more. 

Looking for an easy cocktail subscription that fits your schedule? The option of a Cocktail Collective subscription gives you: 

FLEXIBILITY - YOU SET YOUR DELIVERY FREQUENCY, so you always have what you need when you need it. Options include weekly through to once every 2 or 3 months.

PREMIUM NZ-MADE PRODUCTS, supporting and sourcing from local suppliers across the country.

CONVENIENCE - SWAP, SKIP, STOP anytime.  Hassle-free and easy.