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Gimlet Cocktail Box

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$75.00 NZD

$7.50 NZD per drink

Gather the girls and call a Gin Night!

Set the scene with Gimlets - a delicious blend of London Dry Gin, 100% pure Hawke's Bay Lime Juice and specially crafted Gomme Syrup, no Gin lover can refuse.

Delightfully refreshing, social and sure to remind us that summer is coming...
The 10-SERVE Gimlet Cocktail Box Contains:

• 1 x 500ml CC Gin
• 1 x 200ml CC Gomme Syrup
• 1 x 350ml CC Pure Lime Juice
• A Dual-Sided Spirit Measure
• An Easy-To-Follow Recipe Card

* Based on a 150ml serve.   1 serve = 1.4 standard drinks

Click here for Gimlet Cocktail Box recipe and instructions

You Will Need
  • Glasses - Cocktail coupes or tumblers for a more contemporary look
  • A 750ml cocktail shaker & a strainer
  • Limes if you wish to garnish your drink
  • Ice


How to measure

Using the spirit measure provided
1 part = small cup on spirit measure
2 parts = large cup on spirit measure


A good cocktail is something to be shared.  Follow the steps below to make TWO serves:


1) CHILL – chill your glasses

2) COMBINE – into your cocktail shaker combine:

            - Ice – ¾ full

            - 6 parts Gin

            - 4 parts Lime Juice

            - 2 parts Gomme Syrup

3) SHAKE – Fit the lid securely and shake firmly for 10-20 seconds

4) POUR – For tumblers fill each with fresh ice.For cocktail coupes no ice is required. Now using a strainer, pour evenly into your two chilled/glasses

5) GARNISH – A lime wheel for a traditional garnish or shake with a few mint leaves for a minty flavour twist.