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Birthday Cocktail Box Set

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$155.00 NZD

$12.00 NZD per drink

If there's ever a reason for a unique treat it is a birthday and what better way to celebrate than with champagne cocktails and bubbly French 75 cocktails delivered in a beautifully presented ready-to-mix Birthday Cocktail Box Set of fabulous fun.

Every birthday box set contains perfectly portioned ingredients - including London Dry Gin, Pure Lemon Juice, Maraschino Cherries and French bubbles - pared with the 3-piece OMAHA SHAKER creating a special champagne Cocktail Box Set at a special price that includes:

• Ready-to-mix ingredients paired with an easy-to-follow recipe card, spirit measure and cocktail shaker, so crafting delicious, well balanced cocktails is easy

• Everything you need delivered to you, eliminating the need to run round sourcing ingredients, recipes or barware

• Long shelf-life ingredients, so cocktails can be stored and on-hand to enjoy wherever and whenever

• Beautifully presented so every box is greeted with gasps of excitement

• Nationwide delivery making it easy for you to surprise and delight that that hard-to-buy-for or far-away friend
With a long shelf life, this ready-to-mix BIRTHDAY COCKTAIL BOX SET is just the treat to transform birthday drinks and includes:

• A bespoke designed presentation Cocktail Box
• 1 x 500ml CC Gin
• 1 x 200ml CC Gomme Syrup
• 1 x 350ml CC Pure Lemon Juice
• 5 x 200ml Veuve du Vernay Brut
• Maraschino Cherries
• An easy-to-follow recipe card
• A dual-sided Spirit Measure
• A 3-piece OMAHA SHAKER with built-in strainer

* Based on a 150ml serve.   1 serve = 2.4 standard drinks

Click here for Birthday Cocktail Box Set recipe and instructions


See the celebrations started in style, with a some Parisian panache and French 75 cocktails. The perfect birthday cocktail gift set for the girl who has everything.  Save yourself the effort of running round and opt instead for a 10 serve box of delicious ready-to-mix Gin, Lemon, Maraschino cherries and French bubbles. 

A fabulously fun treat of cocktails paired with the 3-piece Omaha Shaker, giving everything that's needed to make birthday cocktails convenient, stylish and easy.  

A unique treat for times of celebration and occassion.  

You Will Need
  • Glasses – Champagne flutes are ideal
  • A sharp knife
  • A chopping board
  • Plenty of ice – two x 3 litre bags ideal


How to measure

Using the spirit measure provided
1 part = small cup on spirit measure
2 parts = large cup on spirit measure


A good cocktail is something to be shared.  Follow the steps below to make TWO serves:


1) CHILL – chill your glasses

2) COMBINE – into your cocktail shaker combine:

            - Ice – ¾ full

            - 4 parts Gin

            - 2 parts Gomme Syrup

            - 2 parts Lemon Juice


3) SHAKE – Fit the lid securely and shake firmly for 10-20 seconds

4) POUR – Pour evenly into your two chilled glasses. Top each glass with half a bottle of Veuve du Vernay

5) GARNISH – Pop a Maraschino Cherry into each glass. Voila!