Awildian Coromandel Spiced Gin 500ml

Discover the untamed essence of Awildian Spiced Gin

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ABV: 47%
Country: New Zealand (Coromandel)

Crafted with a blend of hand-selected botanicals, this multi award-winning gin takes your taste buds on a thrilling journey through an exotic landscape of flavours. Embrace the bold fusion of botanicals, carefully balanced to create a harmonious symphony of spices, citrus, and juniper.

From the first sip to the last, Awildian Coromandel Spiced Gin offers a sensory escape like no other, daring you to explore new horizons with every pour. Whether sipped neat or used as the foundation for inventive cocktails, Awildian Spiced Gin promises an unforgettable drinking experience that sets you free to embrace your wild side.

Serving Suggestion: We recommend pairing this Gin with a Premium Ginger Beer from East Imperial to elevate the magical mix of spices that make this multi-award-winning gin unique.


🥈 Silver - NZ Gin Awards 2023
🥇 Gold - World's Best Classic: World Gin Awards 2022
🥈 Silver - NZ Gin Awards 2022


A century ago, spices were exotic, precious, and rare. Like gold, they were so valuable that only the wealthy could afford to access them. With no less than 19 spices expertly blended and balanced, this internationally awarded Awildian Spiced Gin would have been worth its weight in gold a century ago!

With pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, grains of paradise and more this is an elegant spiced Gin in a London Dry Style that honours tradition while being contemporary and spice-forward.

This special drop begins its journey with a 16 hour maceration process in premium sugarcane alcohol with 23 botanicals, including juniper, aniseed, blueberry, chamomile, two citrus varieties and more, followed by an extremely gentle distillation process using waters from the Coromandel Ranges. With a 3-week maturation before a final reduction to a bottled strength of 47% ABV, it’s no wonder this gin has won the coveted Gold Medal at the International Wine & Spirits awards, amongst a raft of others.

Body: Candied Orange Sherbert notes which give it a prevailing sweet character and a beautifully balanced blend of 19 spices and 23 botanicals giving it a complexity and heat.

Nose: Vibrant aromatic spiciness.

Finish: A textural & complex finish with lingering heat