How It Works

Save TIME, EFFORT and MONEY, from pick to pour, with a regular delivery
of everything you need to make your favourite cocktails at home.

With hundreds of rave reviews, see why we're NZ's No.1 for cocktail boxes delivered to your door...

"The convenience of the subscription service means I don't even need to think about re-ordering. It literally turns up like magic!"

Monique B - August 2020

"The quality of the package is outstanding and don't under-estimate the fun of making your own cocktails."

Scott M- August 2020

"One of the highlights of my week is when my subscription box arrives. It's more cost effective than the bars & the quality of the Espresso Martini's from Cocktail Collective is next level."

Pete W - August 2020

The Cocktail Collective’s sets are perfect as they come with everything you need, you just need to add ice! Exceptional service & highly recommend.

Claudia C - August 2020

"I am addicted in a great way so easy and so delicious! "

Joanne K - June 2020

The kit has everything you could possibly want, at such great value. The service and product are just outstanding."

Lara E - May 2020

Why Shop With Us?

Premium Products & Service

We get more rave reviews about our cocktail products and customer service than anyone else, so from clicking your pick to pouring your last drink you can expect a premium cocktail experience from start to finish.

That’s why we’re NZ’s No.1 for cocktails
delivered to your door.  

Cocktail Range

We provide you with choice - from individual ingredients to done-for-you cocktail boxes - so you can tailor your subscription exactly to your tastes.

Check out the range and discover our delicious
selection of options.

No Nonsense

You’re in control. You can stop, swap, skip, cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

We make it simple and there are no contracts,
minimum terms or hidden fees.
Really, there’s no nonsense. 

We Make It Easy 

There are no get-to-know you questionnaires or surveys you need to answer before you order.

Simply choose once and enjoy continuously. We’re here to make cocktails convenient not complicated.
Simple not stressful. 

Subscription Boxes

Cheaper than the bar and the bottle store, saving you money, time and effort.

Cocktail Essential Boxes

The essentials you need to transform your go-to spirits into your favourite cocktails. 

SELECT - from $25

Espresso Martini Boxes

A sumptuous bottle of Espresso Martini, exquisitely easy & all done-for-you.

SELECT - $75

Compact Boxes

3-ingredient cocktails that are ready-to-mix & deliciously uncomplicated.

SELECT - $75

Classic Boxes

All the ingredients you need to make the classic cocktails you love to enjoy at home. 

SELECT - from $100

Click once for continuous cocktails. Swap, skip, stop, anytime. 

Thoughtful Packaging

Recyclable   |   Reusable   |   Responsible