In The Box

In The Box 1

What's in the box?

Quite simply: everything you need - in just the right quantities - and nothing you don’t.

Why?  Because cocktails are delicious and fun… when you have all the ingredients you need. Getting quality spirits isn’t difficult but what about the other specific cocktail ingredients? Who has time to find all of that?


That's why Cocktail Collective boxes have it all.

In The Box 2

Spirits & Liqueurs

Perfectly portioned so you get exactly the amounts you need and avoid hard-to-use left-overs that linger in the back of the cupboard forever.

Why get a lot when a little will do?

In The Box 3

Syrups, Juices & Mixers

All the other essential ingredients you need, in just the right quantities, so mixing delicious drinks is easy. Why waste time sourcing (or making) syrups, juices and mixers when you don’t have to?

In The Box 4

Recipe Cards, Garnishes & More

Whether it’s a salted rim, a specialty garnish or a decorative straw, having those little extras makes a world of difference. Add a handy recipe card and cocktails couldn’t be easier.

Delicious. Impressive. Made in minutes.

In The Box 5

The Result

A premium range of unforgettable cocktail boxes that are fun, easy and speak to different occasions, entertainment styles and needs, each one designed to deliver classic cocktails for contemporary occasions.

Carefully curated cocktail kits offering a cocktail experience that is easy, delicious and fun.