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Gomme Syrup, Triple Sec & Lime Juice Trio


Bar Basics for every at-home bar cart

Got leftover liqueurs and expensive spirits sitting unused in the kitchen cupboard? Turn them into quick and easy cocktails with a trio of handy cocktail essentials.  

Gomme Syrup 200ml - The dash of sweetener you need to soften strong spirits and  balance  citrus.  A hard-to-find must-have bar cart basic, Gomme Syrup is the bartending ingredient you never knew you needed.  

Lime Juice 350ml -The citrus foundation of iconic cocktails the world over, from the Moscow Mule to the Margarita.  Sourced from Hawkes Bay limes and 100% pure, this long-lasting citrus juice means you’ll have limes on hand without having to fork out a fortune on perishable produce ever again.

Triple Sec 200ml - The strong and zesty secondary spirit found in many popular cocktails but perhaps best known for being a key ingredient in the classic Margarita. Orange flavoured but clear coloured, this versatile cocktail staple comes in a perfectly sized 200ml bottle, so you don’t need to pay for a lot when you only ever really need a little.

Looking for an easy cocktail subscription that fits your schedule? The option of a Cocktail Collective subscription gives you: 

FLEXIBILITY - YOU SET YOUR DELIVERY FREQUENCY, so you always have what you need when you need it. Options include weekly through to once every 2 or 3 months.

PREMIUM NZ-MADE PRODUCTS, supporting and sourcing from local suppliers across the country.

CONVENIENCE - SWAP, SKIP, STOP anytime.  Hassle-free and easy.