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Stainless Steel Shaker 750ml

Using a quality cocktail shaker designed for the task enables you to mix comfortably and confidently. The beauty of a 3-piece Cobbler Shaker is it contains everything you need to... Learn More

3 piece 750ml Cocktail Shaker

$35.00 NZD

Schott Zwiesel Vodka Glasses

Perfectly proportioned, these elegantly stemmed glasses from the experts at Schott Zweisel, are as versatile as they are beautiful.  Dishwasher safe and designed to maintain clarity and brilliance over time, these... Learn More

Set of 6

$89.00 NZD

Schott Zwiesel Tossa Whiskey Glasses

Crafted from Tritan Crystal Glass, these Tossa Whiskey Tumblers from Schott Zwiesel were made for modern living.  Dishwasher safe and designed to maintain their brilliance over time, these tumblers are beautifully... Learn More

Set of 6

$89.00 NZD

Schott Zwiesel Cocktail Coupes

Surprisingly, the definitive origins of the classic coupe glass are shrouded in mystery.  One prevailing myth suggests its shape was inspired by the left breast of Marie Antoinette. What is... Learn More

Set of 6

$99.00 NZD

Schott Zwiesel Banquet Tumblers

A classic round tumbler suited for everyday living.  Crafted from Tritan Crystal, these tumblers are dishwasher safe, tempered to resist breaking, shatter-resistant and they'll maintain their brilliance through a life-time... Learn More

Set of 6

$49.00 NZD

Omaha Shaker

In 1964, James Bond ordered his first martini - shaken not stirred - in the movie Goldfinger and you can bet it was mixed in a shaker, perfect in hand and... Learn More

Omaha 3-piece Shaker

$49.00 NZD

Juice Duo

  Cocktail Collective Pure Lime Juice Our limes are sourced from the East Coast of New Zealand, hand-picked and freshly squeezed for Cocktail Collective.  No additives have been added and... Learn More

350ml Pure Lime Juice
350ml Pure Lemon Juice

$18.00 NZD

Gift Voucher ($10, $25, $50, $100)

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Cocktail Collective gift card. Gift vouchers are delivered by email and... Learn More

$10, $25, $50, $100

$10.00 NZD

Crafty Muddler

Bringing craft to cocktail making, the muddler is used like a pestle to mash—or muddle—fruits, herbs and spices in the bottom of a glass to release their flavor.  A must-have for all... Learn More

The Crafty Muddler

$24.00 NZD