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The Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit


The classic cocktail you sit back & sip 


This 150 year old cocktail continues to rise in popularity.

Originally a simple blend of sugar and whiskey designed to rail against the rise of fruity cocktails, the Old Fashioned is today the drink du jour for anyone seeking comfort and warmth in a beautifully blended drink.

Get the craftsmanship of a master-mixologist in the cocktails you mix at home, with this Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit.

This expert set has everything you need beautifully presented in one-tidy box, with premium, locally made ingredients, a step-by-step recipe card and blood orange cocktail garnishes for perfect pours every time. Paired with a set of 2 Tritan Crystal Tossa tumblers from Schott Zwiesel to sit back, sip & savor.

Offering 10 or more perfect pours in every box, this set offers a carefully crafted cocktail experience.