The Art of the Craft Cocktail

If you’ve stepped inside a cocktail bar recently, you’ll have noticed that craft cocktails are big business. Every bar worth their salt in bar snacks has a craft cocktail ready to tempt you.

They look impressive and chances are that if they’re mixed by bearded hipster bartenders, they’ll come with an impressive price tag too. 

So, what makes craft cocktails different from other cocktails? 

When you think about a cocktail, you’re most likely picturing a craft cocktail. 

Daiquiri? Moscule mule? French 75?

They’re all craft cocktails.

Created with premium liquor and the best local ingredients, every element in a craft cocktail must perfectly balance with the next, be mixed using time-honoured techniques, and served in unique glassware, topped with hand-carved ice and fresh garnishes.

They say you can’t rush perfection and that’s certainly true when it comes to craft cocktails. Your attention to detail is rewarded with a complex depth of flavours that deliver a sublime experience for your senses. 

They look a million bucks and the results are cocktails that deliver a much more satisfying experience.

The origins of the modern craft cocktail movement 

Craft cocktails seem to have come out of nowhere, but, like other handcrafted traditions now back in vogue (think craft beer and the artisan food movement), they have a rich history. 

Beginning in the United States in the mid 1800s, the first cocktails emerged from popular hangover cures (oh, the irony) combining alcohol, bitters and sugar. Over time, cocktails evolved to resemble the cocktails of today – sophisticated; and focusing on flavour, craftsmanship, and presentation. 

War and prohibition, together with changing tastes over the latter half of the 20th century, nearly spelled the end for the craft cocktail. Luckily, the lost art was eventually rediscovered, introducing a whole new generation to this unique fusion of flavour.

Master your own craft cocktails at home

Luckily, you don’t need to pay inflated bar prices to enjoy a craft cocktail. You don’t even have to leave the house. Take off your shoes, get comfy and easily create your own craft cocktail masterpiece, in the comfort of your own home.

Simply choose your favourite Cocktail Collective box and let us deliver everything you need to create bar quality craft cocktails straight to your door. 

With easy to follow cocktail recipes, quality ingredients and the right tools, we’ll have you creating insta-worthy craft cocktails in no time. 

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