Your Perfectly Pink Mocktail Recipe for Pink Ribbon Breakfast 2018

When the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ asked us to join the Foundation and a group of influencers - such as Al Brown, Bluebells Cakery and The Caker - to help design an Instagram-worthy table that would inspire Kiwis to host their own Pink Ribbon Breakfast, we didn’t have to think twice.  Breast cancer affects our mums, daughters, aunts, friends, colleagues and neighbours.  It is indiscriminate, and we are firmly in support of doing what we can to help.

We put our mixing aprons on and got to work on crafting a Mocktail worthy of a place on a pink ribbon breakfast table.  Our aim – something special, playful, naturally delicious and pink.

We wanted to think outside the (cocktail) box – and came up with a divine Perfectly Pink Mocktail that we’re quietly thrilled with.  Easy to mix and gorgeously coloured, we felt this pastel pink creation was soft, fun and worthy of a place at the table and a memorable occasion. 

So we encourage you to gather the girls you love, have some fun and host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast this Month.



Watermelon Water, Cranberry Juice and Coconut Milk – all available in your local supermarket.

Lime Juice and Gomme Syrup – we used Cocktail Collective Pure Lime Juice and Cocktail Collective Gomme Syrup.  Alternatively, you can squeeze a dozen fresh limes for your juice and make a sugar syrup substitute for Gomme Syrup by mixing and boiling sugar and water. 

Candy Floss - we used Pashmir Candy Floss which you can find in most Farro Stores.  It’s not cheap but it’s divine and comes in both pink and white.

Edible Flowers – we use Secret Garden Edible Flowers available at supermarkets and Farro Stores.  Alternatively, select flowers from the garden or grab some potted colour from your local garden centre.

Don’t forget your glasses and a bit of water/ice to mix.



 1/ COMBINE - into your shaker:

- ice (1/2 full)
- 80mls parts Cranberry Juice
- 80mls parts Watermelon Water
- 80mls parts Lime Juice
- 80mls parts Coconut Cream
- 80mls parts Gomme Syrup

2/ SHAKE - Fit the lid securely and shake firmly for 15-20 seconds

3/ POUR - Using a strainer, pour evenly into your two glasses

4/ GARNISH - shape a ball of candy floss and float on each serve with a bright edible flower popped on top.

5/ ENJOY !