Inside the Box

"Where did you source that cold brew?"

"When will you make a Negroni box?"

"What's in the chilli salt in the Margarita box?"

Here at Cocktail Collective HQ, we're constantly being asked about our cocktail and ingredient decision-making process.

The fact is there are so many delicious cocktail combinations out there, researching new recipes is one of the best parts of our job. Fortunately, we're never short of friends willing to help.

As for ingredients, it's been our goal from the beginning to support local New Zealand producers wherever possible in our quest for the very best quality cocktail staples.

Obviously, to ensure the best quality, we can't do everything at once (give us time on the Negroni box). When we started Cocktail Collective, we worked up a list of classic cocktails that we felt gave both a broad spectrum of flavours and incorporated some of our favourites.

The classic Margarita was one of our top picks from the start. That blend of citrus, salt and sweet is an undeniably refreshing flavour sensation. Our master mixologist really pulled out all the stops with this one. Having spent 25 years in the drinks-making business, he knows a thing or two about balancing flavours. He combined a sensationally smooth Espolon Tequila Reposado with Hawkes Bay's best 100% pure lime juice, triple sec and gomme syrup to produce a perfectly balanced and crisp blend.

"This Margarita is perfect for a warm evening or when you have had one of those weeks and need to unwind with friends… and all the ingredients combine well to give the most perfectly balanced cocktail." - Janine S, Auckland

Every Cocktail Collective Margarita Cocktail Box serves up to 15 drinks and is filled with perfectly portioned, hand-picked ingredients, an easy-to-follow recipe card and even a handy spirit measure for accuracy so every round of Margaritas you make is perfect.

With the Cocktail Collective's help, you'll have everything you need for your next dinner party or celebration. All you need is a bit of ice and some glasses.