New Years day 2016 - something out of the box

New Years day 2016 was something out of the box.

Everyone loves summer. It's that one time of the year everyone relaxes. Taking time with the friends, laughing, sharing, singing and dancing.

And so it was on the New Years of 2016. When a group of families and friends - a wider family - joined for the party of the year. There was laughter, music and love. A true celebration of friendship.

But in the morning it rained hard. So with the beach out of action, conversation was all we had. And as the conversation flowed, we reflected on the night before and while it was great, maybe, just maybe, some cocktails would have made it just that little bit sweeter.

The problem with cocktails?

You never seem to have the right ingredients, the recipe, or the time to organise them

The solution 
Provide the best ingredients and recipes and have them delivered to your door

Early in the afternoon of the 1st of January 2016, the seed of the idea, to what would become Cocktail Collective, was sewn.

The past 18 months have been challenging - but here we are with an out of the box solution to the common cocktail problem.