A Recipe for Frozen Strawberry Margaritas

With beautifully fresh strawberries now in season and with summer now in its stride, frozen Strawberry Margaritas make for the perfect cooler!

1/ First, combine the ingredients for your Margaritas directly into the blender (no need to shake). With each recipe card producing 2 serves, you can double up the recipe and pour as many as are required into the blender for your group. 

2/ Fill your choice of serving glass with ice and add this to the blender. For each additional serving, add a further glass-full of ice to the blender

3/ Add 4 strawberries for each serving

4/ Blend

5/ Pour into serving glasses and garnish with a fresh strawberry

Kick your shoes off, move your chair to a warm spot in the sun, toast absent friends and start 2018 in style.