3 Easy Cocktail Recipes For A Sweet And Happy Winter

As the days become shorter and the temperature cools, there’s nothing sweeter than coming home to good company, a home-cooked meal and a delicious well-earned drink. Better still, a refreshing cocktail to embrace the change in season.

The easiest way to enjoy a cocktail at home is to have all the ingredients you need on hand when you need them.

That’s why each one of our Cocktail Collective Cocktail Boxes contains everything you need for bar-quality cocktails without the price tag of going out for drinks. Shelf-stable ingredients mean you’ll always be prepared when you’ve got a Cocktail Collective box in the cabinet.

We think every one of our cocktail box options are delicious all year round, but we’d like to recommend a few choices that match the changing season particularly well.

Moscow Mule

Our number one choice for winter is the Moscow Mule.

The blend of refreshing citrus, warm spice and clean vodka ticks all requirements for a sunny afternoon or a chilly evening simultaneously.

 moscow mule cocktail collective


For a zesty, ginger-fuelled treat, follow these five easy steps:

1) Combine in your cocktail shaker:

        - 6 parts vodka

        - 4 parts lime juice

        - 2 part gomme syrup

        - Ice up to ¾ full

2) Shake firmly for 10-20 seconds.

3) Pour through a strainer into a glass filled with fresh ice. (We use Copper Mule Mugs.)  

4) Top each glass with ginger beer. (We reach for East Imperial’s Mombassa Ginger Beer.)

5) Complete with 1-2 freeze-dried lime wheels for garnish and extra tang.

Here at Cocktail Collective HQ, we’ve put together a cocktail set featuring a Moscow Mule cocktail box, 4 stunning traditional Copper Mule Mugs and a three-piece Omaha Shaker featuring a built-in strainer.

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Espresso Martini

It can be hard to find as much energy when the sun disappears. Perk up with a deliciously bittersweet Espresso Martini.

 espresso martini

 Our unique Cocktail Collective recipe adds a distinctive vanilla twist in lieu of sugar, for greater depth of flavour.

1) Combine in your cocktail shaker:

        - 5 parts vodka

        - 6 parts cold brew coffee

        - 2 part espresso liqueur

        - 2 part vanilla liqueur

        - Coffee beans

         - Ice up to ¾ full

2) Shake firmly for 10-20 seconds.

3) Pour into your chilled glass, through a strainer.

4) Wait a moment for that lovely foam top to emerge, then pop three coffee beans on top.

Serve with a dish of chocolate-coated coffee beans on the side and settle in.

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Old Fashioned

It’s getting cold outside. For a warm, fiery balance of bitters and blood orange, you can’t go past an Old Fashioned.

 old fashion cocktail collective

 There’s a reason this old school classic is undergoing a revival. Our master mixologist worked hard perfecting this recipe. It’s so good for the season and we’d like to share with you here.

1) Combine into your glass:

        - 1 maraschino cherry

        - 1 part gomme syrup

        - 1 part bitters

2) Muddle by repeatedly pressing ingredients together in the bottom of the glass to release flavours.

3) Fill your glass with ice and add:

        - 3 parts bourbon

        - 1 part triple sec

4) Stir your ingredients together.

5) Garnish with a slice of freeze-dried blood orange and a cherry popped on top.

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Cocktail Collective have the perfect cocktail box for all your winter needs so you can enjoy delicious bar-quality cocktails at home without the price tag.

Simply click, mix, pour and enjoy.